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security uniforms suppliers in bangalore


Security uniforms play a vital part in portraying a good professional image and instilling confidence in the people for whom the security personnel are working. Unichool, one of the best security uniforms suppliers can offer a full range of security clothing and accessories across different categories like knitwear, woven, belt, tie, socks, cap, shoes, bags, etc. Whether you are looking for a formal blazer and trouser for store guards, a more causal polo shirt and jacket for a construction site guard or less feature packed economical option, Unichool will be your best bet. Our security uniforms are made from high grade durable fabrics and meet the specific demands of our customers.

Different Types of Security Uniforms

When you think of a security personnel, the image that appears in your mind is of a man in a sturdy military-like uniform, isn’t it? However, there are many types of security uniforms as per the taxonomy of the industries. If you are finding it intimidating then here is a list that will make you aware of the different kinds of security uniforms which represent specific job sectors. You can pick one that suits your company’s profile.


Casual Security Guard Uniform for IT Sector

The security staff of the IT sectors do not usually wear formal police or military clothes. If you own an IT company for which you want to buy security uniforms, look no further than Unichool where you will get the latest designs of casual security clothing to suit your needs.

Security Wear for Entertainment Hubs

For entertainment hubs such as discos, bars and nightclubs, there is another kind of security guard uniform worn by the security personnel. In many places, formal suits with white shirts and black trousers are preferred for the personnel who are guarding the entertainment hubs against unwanted visitors.

Security Attires for Government Sectors

If you take a glance at the government sectors, you will find the security staff guarding the door in their usual military-like uniform. With different security patches on their sleeves and the badges on the chest pocket, these kinds of security uniforms typically represent the government security officers.

Protective Clothing for Construction Sites

Those who work at construction sites, need extra care as there are many dangers associated with their job. So, while choosing security uniforms for your employees who work at the buildings which are under construction, you must opt for bright high visibility outfits made from heat resistant fabrics. After all, when you recruit people for your work, you must ensure their safety.

Unichool is listed among the top hotel uniform suppliers in Bangalore. Simply browse through our wide collection of security uniforms and select a suitable one according to your requirement and preference. For any queries, you can email us at info@unichool.com or call at 9164119700.


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